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Mike  Papa

(Corporate Version)

Mike Papa is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) and Wealth Advisor with Spire Investment Partners in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mike brings over 27 years of focused experience in building financial plans, investing and estate planning to his successful clientele. He also helps small and medium sized business design and manage their company retirement plans.

Today’s financial world is full of complex investment choices and challenging situations and requires a specialist’s advisor to help clients navigate these challenges not just when building wealth, but also throughout their retirement years.  By helping his clients find the right financial solutions instead of simply the easiest, Mike helps guide his clients through many of the changes that can occur throughout their lives.

Mike was born in Manassas, VA and attended Old Dominion University where he received his degree in Finance.  He currently resides in Colorado Springs with his wife Julie and has three beautiful children; Gabby, Katherine and Kevin.  He has served his community in various ways including being a past board member of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and helping coach his kids sports teams. When he’s not helping his clients achieve their financial goals he can usually be found hiking his dogs, enjoying time with his family, fishing or riding one of the many local mountain bike trails.

(My Version)

My favorite quote is "Know where you stand and stand there." from Father Daniel Berrigan.  I follow this idea in both my personal life and business. 

I don't have an appetite for anything that isn't authentic. I don't have the time or energy for things that don't matter. 

If you don't want to do your financial planning and investing all by yourself here's how I can help:

I will show you how to build a powerful financial blueprint and work closely with you on a regular basis to help keep you on track. 
I will help you design a customized investment portfolio that gives you the best chance of achieving your goals. 
I will stay committed to providing you guidance in both good times and bad.
I will tell you the truth, even if you really don't want to hear it.


Contact us today and let's get started building your financial future together.