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Who We Serve

We specialize in retirement income planning and tax saving strategies for  Pilots and Business Owners .

Because they are forced to retire at age 65, working with Pilots presents some unique challenges.  We have the experience and advanced tools to help deal with these challenges and build a completely customized retirement plan.

Business owners also have a unique set of circumstances.  However, there are many tools that business owners have that normal employees don't have access to.  And the tax strategies they have are numerous.  Understanding how to best utilize these tools and strategies is a big part of our value to our business owner clients.   

Many people we meet are 10 years or less from retirement. This is a critical point in your financial life.  We add a lot of value at this stage helping you get ready for "the last paycheck". Many people may need to coordinate pensions from the military and maybe several former employers. This can complicate your situation. It is critical to evaluate the effects of your distribution decisions and view them holistically BEFORE you retire. We help clients with issues like this all the time.  

Our clients are interested in finding someone they can have a long-term relationship with that will take the time to not just get to know their financial situation but also them as individuals. We are happy to call many of our clients friends and have been working with many of them for decades.  Our clients also value the fact that real people answer the phones and that they can speak directly with the decision maker.

If you are ready to work with a Financial Advisor that really understands your unique planning challenges give us a call today and lets chat for 5-10 minutes to see if there is a good fit.   (719) 228-3630.