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We specialize in working with Constrained Investors.

According the the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA®) there are three types of investors: Overfunded Investors, Underfunded Investors and Constrained Investors. And knowing what type of investor you are will greatly influence any strategy you might use to create retirement income.

An Overfunded Investor is someone that has accumulated more assets than they will need to use for income during retirement.  An Underfunded Investor is someone that has done a poor job of saving for retirement and will rely mainly on Social Security for retirement income.  And sandwiched right in the middle are millions of Constrained Investors.  These are the investors that will rely heavily on their accumulated assets to provide them with income for life.

Constrained Investors need an investment strategy that blends at-risk and safe investments and focuses on "outcomes" more that "probabilities".  Constrained Investors should have a thoughtful, consistent and time-tested approach to managing their money during retirement.  We help our clients by using what we believe to be the best retirement income solution for America's millions of Constrained Investors; The Income for Life Model®

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